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Frequently asked question

Here you can find the questions that we got asked the most about for further information without having to wait some time for an answer. Please try to read those questions and answers before sending us an e-mail. we might not be able to answer everyone because of the high amount of orders.

when will my order be shipped?

Our products are made to order to give everyone the chance to get their sizes equally. The come around time is 4-6 week currently because of the amount of order tumbling in. 

do you ship to ...?

Yes, we do ship worldwide. All the packages have tracked shipping which puts a bit of more money on the end price but it's worth it as you know. 

where are you based?

This happens to be a German Merchandise Shop. We're based in Germany close to a city called Halle (Saale). 

can i change my size?

One week after you ordered, you can still change your size. After 7 days, your product is probably already made and it can't be changed anymore.

do you draw your designs?

Yes. Most of the designs you see are drawn by me. But we also like to put together different aesthetics on Canva and see the outcome.

can i get something for free?

Sadly no. We're a small business and I can't afford to give products away for nothing. We choose representatives a few times in a year and you might try out your chances there.

where do you get your crewnecks etc?

I have to be honest, I'm not going to tell my supplier. It took me ages to find the cropped jackets but you easily find one for tee's and crewneck's. Just search Google and you find hundred of pages. 

CAN i get a refund?

Seven days after you placed your order, we can still refund it. If the products are in production, there can't be any refunds anymore since it would be the double amount of costs for us.

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